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Ponies and Peplums

I hope you all had a good weekend? I did something new, I went horse riding! The lesson was a part of my birthday present from my boyfriend. I had mentioned to him ages ago how I would love to try horse riding, I think I might have done it once when I was a small child on holidays in Wales, but I can’t really remember much of it. So this time, I was a bit nervous at the start, (well actually throughout the whole thing really). My horse was so big! I think it’s only when you stand next to them that you realize this. I felt like I wasn’t in control at all, mainly because I wasn’t! Puddles definitely had a mind of her own, if she wanted to eat the grass then that’s just what she did! I wouldn’t say I’m going to take up horse riding full on, but I would love to have another lesson. It’s all down to becoming familiar with the horse and practice… right?

If you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter (CarolinesDays) you might have already seen the couple of photos I put up during the horse riding! Yes, even while on a horse I managed to take some photos!

Anyway here is another outfit I put together with pieces I bought in London. The blue peplum top is from Zara. I just love the colour of it! The wet look leggings I actually already had. And the sparkly bangles are from Forever 21.


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