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Everyday Ease

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find it a struggle when it comes to picking what to wear. We’ve all experienced it at some stage, I call it “Wardrobe Desperation”. You know what I mean; standing in your bedroom in your underwear for 30 minutes, shambolically searching through the rails, flinging clothes from the wardrobe onto the floor in a desperate attempt to find SOMETHING. And I’m not only talking about big occasions, but in everyday life too! This is something my boyfriend can really attest to!! What I usually do when I can’t make up my mind, after trying on numerous outfits, and nothing looks right, is to go to my standard fail-safe: skinny jeans, a top and a nice blazer. It always saves the day. It looks casual and yet at the same time put together. Using simple separates (I always favour dark blue skinnies) you can get an easy no fuss look. An all around win-win! Yesterday was one of these days. So here is what I threw on.

Apologies if you have seen all these pieces before in other posts, but I’m trying to cut down my spending in a bid to SAVE – a word which my mother thinks I have never heard of.

Blazer – Urban Outfitters

Top – Dorothy Perkins

Jeans – River Island


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