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The Wedding

Did you all have a good weekend? Mine was quite eventful! I went to a wedding on Friday. For my first ever wedding, it was a pretty big one. My boyfriend’s brother was the groom! You may have seen what I was planning to wear to it in a post a few months ago now (here), and I was looking forward to finally being able to wear it!

The reception was in a beautiful 5 star hotel, in a place called Castle Martyr in East Cork. The setting and the food was faultless. The weather however was a bit mixed on the day, but fortunately we got some spells of sunshine which I’m sure made for some great photos of the lovely bride and groom. I can’t wait to see them! Unfortunately I didn’t take many, if any photos, the day just flew by so fast that I didn’t even think of it! I really wish I had now because it was such a gorgeous day! Here are some I took while getting ready, and a couple in the hotel…

The lovely wedding cake made by the grooms talented aunt!

The bride’s beautiful bouquet

Isn’t the bride’s dress gorgeous (from what you can see)? I loved the delicate lace!


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