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The Rose of Tralee

Last night was the second half of the live finals of The Rose of Tralee International Festival. Of course I was glued to the whole thing. Congratulations to the Luxembourg Rose Nicola McEvoy who was crowned The Rose of Tralee 2012. And she’s actually from Cork, woohoo!

My post yesterday about Sunday nights fashion show, was so long that I didn’t get to show you what I wore to it! So here it is. I can finally show you the pleated leather skirt I bought from ASOS (remember all the drama with it being too big, returning it and ordering it again in a smaller size?! Definitely the negative about online shopping – not being able to try stuff on!) Anyway, I paired it with a blouse from H&M, my sparkly belt from River Island and my sparkly heels from Schuh. I like sparkles ok?

My friend Claire chose a beautiful grey outfit, notice she loves Zara’s heels too!

I met a lovely boy at the “Bazaar” as they call it in Kerry, he’s not very lively though…

On Monday we strolled around the town checking out all the food stalls, the different music groups that were playing and a couple of shows. We went to see a collection of the winning dresses of the Rose Festival since it started in 1959, this was probably my favourite bit. It was lovely to read the information about each dress, where the Rose bought it, or how she MADE it herself, how she felt when she stepped out on stage in it… It was interesting to see the evolution of style from the 60’s right up to current day. It’s amazing how some styles always stick around and stay the same. You can definitely see some throw backs to these styles in shops now.

The earliest winning dresses. I really liked the black and white one!

The winning dress from 1991 – a Cork Rose, hence the Cork coat of arms on the under part of the dress. Skirt overlay detachable!

Dresses from the 00’s

Most recent dresses in front row

The winning dress from 2011 was a stunning red ball gown, much nicer than more “prom” looking 2009 one behind it. Last nights winner also wore a gorgeous red lace dress. Red is definitely a popular colour! All in all, I really enjoyed my time in Tralee at the festival! I look forward to it next year, hopefully I might get to go again.


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