Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

I don’t know about you, but I never have enough space in my closet for my clothes OR my shoes! This post came to mind when I was sorting through my shoes yesterday, trying to tidy them. I wouldn’t say I’m as bad as Carrie Bradshaw or Imelda Marcos (though I wish!) but I do have a few pairs… Like most of you however, I have some favourites when it comes to my shoes. The back row are probably the ones I wear most often, while the front row are the ones I think are the prettiest. I have more in my closet but I don’t wear them at all anymore so I figured there was no point showing you them!

 Back row: Black booties – Marks & Spencer, black & gold studded pumps – Jessica Simpson, black & silver peep toes – Calvin Klein, black & blue glitter pumps – Schuh, grey cage heels – Nine West, Metallic peep toes – Nine West.

Font row : Black & white polka dot heels – ASOS, leopard print peep toes – New Look, black & nude T bars – Zara, coral & diamonte peep toes – Dune, nude strappy sandals – Wallis, gold glitter pumps – Dorothy Perkins.

As you can see I don’t buy my shoes all in one or two stores, they’re from all over the place! If I HAD to choose one pair that are my favourite (and that’s a hard decision) it would probably be the coral and diamonte pair in the front row from Dune. But the pair that I probably wear most often is the blue and black sparkly pair in the back row from Schuh. Do you have a pair of heels that you wear a lot too?

P.S. If anyone from Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik etc is reading this, feel free to send me on something in a UK size 5 and I will be happy to test it for you! ;)


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