Fitness Week 6

So week 6 is over and I’m onto week 7 now. Week 6 went pretty well I think, I worked out for 3 nights during the week for about an hour and a half each night. I spent most of it running on the cross trainer, and then about 20 minutes doing weights and push up things… What I mean is, not pure “army type push ups” because lets face it there is NO WAY I could do them, I actually tried once and failed miserably, so I did the kind of “half push ups” where you use your knees. I also did some kind of “reverse push ups” on a chair that is good for toning your arms. Is it obvious that I have no idea about the proper terminology? Well that’s the best way I can explain it anyway!

Week 7 is starting off slow. Monday’s suck so I was in no mood to do anything last night. Not to fear though, I’m gonna tackle it hard tonight after work! I haven’t been weighing myself, purely because the one weighing scales we have in the house is broken. Well actually I think it’s just the battery that is gone, but it’s one of those watch disk batteries and I haven’t been near any shop to buy a new one. I will try do that soon, so I have some idea of what I weigh I suppose. But the main reason I’m trying to work out now is just to stay healthy, not to lose a whole lot of weight. I don’t think I would ever become obsessive about my weight, I love food too much to do that. A good balance is important. Exercise will never be my whole life. Just a part of it.

In saying that though, if you have any tips to improve the quality of a work out, please do share them with me!


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