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A Little Life Musing

So I have been reading blogs for a while now, ever since a college friend (thanks Laura!) got me started with a fashion one a couple of years ago. After reading a few different ones (though mainly fashion ones) for a while, I decided to start writing one myself back in March of this year. Of course you know that if you are reading/following my blog. I don’t know why I decided to start my own blog really, I just thought it would be something different and fun.

One thing I have noticed, is how perfect everyone’s life seems to be on their blog. This got me thinking about things. We all know that nobody is perfect. It stands to reason then that nobody’s life must be perfect either. Does MY life seem perfect on my blog? Am I only seeing the good things that happen to people on their blogs? Am I only writing about the good things that happen to me? Does anyone really want to read about bad things happening to people, bad hair days, personal struggles etc? Are bloggers just giving people the rosy coloured version of things that they want?

I know I am not perfect. I have days when I feel upset or ugly or whatever the case may be. Doesn’t everyone? I find it hard to stay positive sometimes. I have had people I cared about treat me like shit. I have had struggles with my feelings about certain things. I beat myself up about things that I can’t control or change. I get angry about stupid insignificant things that really don’t matter. I compare myself to others all the time, even though I know I shouldn’t. But I don’t write about this. I don’t know if I should write about it.


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