Summer Cocktails and New Shoes

It turned out I actually had this Saturday off from work (woohoo!), so I decided to go out for a couple of cocktails last night with my boyfriend. It also gave me a chance to wear my new heels that arrived on Thursday. I LOVE them!! I went to a cocktail bar called Suas. It’s a rooftop bar with a big open air section so it was perfect for a warm summer night. Of course I got my favourite drink, a strawberry daquiri – I know, I am so predictable! They’re sooo good though!

Here’s how my night last night looked:

Heels – Asos

Mint Blazer – River Island

Top – Savida

Pants – Awear

What do you think of my new heels?

This morning I worked out for about an hour and then had a lovely lunch outside my back garden in the sunshine. It is so nice this weekend! Now I’m planning on lying out in the sun to get a bit of colour ;)


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