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Anniversary Dinner at Les Gourmandises

Last night my boyfriend and I went to dinner for our 3 year anniversary. I had heard a lot about this fine French dining restaurant, Les Gourmandises, and had wanted to try it for a while. I have been to a few “fancy” restaurants but this was different. This was kind of Michelin star aspiring stuff. Although I didn’t really like my starter of crab in a honey mustard dressing I think, with some really awful sharp jelly, I did enjoy my main course and my dessert. I’m not sure my boyfriend was as happy with his courses though, which was a pity, especially when you’re paying a lot for it.

I forgot to take photos of the starters in my excitement, so I’ll just tell you what we had. As I said, I had the crab, and my boyfriend had foie gras with another type of jelly, not as bad as the jelly I had though. I do have photos of the mains and dessert so here they are:

My boyfriends main; braised pork with fondant potatoes, celeriac and ONE asparagus.

My main; roast chicken with mango, avocado and fondant potatoes. I had TWO pieces of asparagus. Is there a shortage of asparagus in the world that I’m not aware of?

My boyfriends dessert; chocolate and coffee gateaux with raspberries and a white chocolate sorbet, I  think it was.

My dessert; lemon posset with raspberry sorbet and a little almond cake. The spoon given with it was ridiculous though, the picture doesn’t really show it but it was the smallest spoon EVER!

While I did enjoy my food (apart from the starter) and the food my boyfriend ordered was lovely also though not to his taste, we were left very disappointed with the service we received. We waited over half an hour before our order was even taken, though we called it to the attention of the waitress. The staff were generally cold, unfriendly and distant. I feel we were over looked a lot of the time and I think perhaps it’s because we were the youngest couple in the restaurant. I don’t find this acceptable when we are paying the same amount of money as every other customer. For these reasons, I would not be recommending Les Gourmandises, nor would I be in any hurry to go back there. I have written a very subdued, restrained email to the management detailing all this. We shall see does my email get any response.


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