Fitness Week 3

In reality this should be like Fitness Week 6 or something, but I haven’t been as good as I should have been over the last couple of weeks, for various reasons excuses. I already feel guilty about it so don’t make me feel any worse ok?! I tried to make up for this over the last few days though. I did an hour on the cross trainer one evening, and last night I did another half hour and some weight training also. I rooted out and dusted off the “little lady weights”, 1.5kgs (they’re all different cute colours and not too heavy for little old me) that I bought a few years ago during another attempt to “get fit”. I don’t believe I need to elaborate how that went. I’m not really great at sticking to things, I get these ideas that I think are great at the start but after a few weeks I kind of give up and move on to something else. Well I’m determined not to do that this time! Things aren’t going to change unless you MAKE them change!

Even if they were only small weights, I am feeling the effects of them this morning! My arms feel floppy and a bit sore, is this a good or a bad sign? Who knows. I am taking a break tonight for a legit reason however, it’s my three-year anniversary with my boyfriend so we’re going out for a meal to a restaurant I have wanted to try for ages! I’m really looking forward to it, but please don’t mention that this defeats the purpose of my working out… I have to LIVE too!!


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