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Ice Cream At The Marina

Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day in the end, and not wanting to waste this rather rare good weather, I went for a spin down to the marina to look at the water. At the moment there is a marquee for concerts set up there, which is here for the month of June every year. There is a particular spot by a canon that I have always loved. The view of the water is lovely especially when the sun in shining! I think the sun definitely has a good effect on my mood. Having time to spend relaxing outside is also great. You can just forget about your schedule and clear your mind.

The Marquee

My favourite spot by the canon

The marquee in the background

^ Love Miss Piggy ^

Enjoying my ice cream cone

Isn’t it beautiful here?

Pleated Midi Skirt – Asos

Miss Piggy T Shirt – New Look

Blazer – New Look


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