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Fitness Week One

So last week was my first week of fitness. It went well I thought, I went walking/jogging 3 evenings after work. I’m easing myself into it slowly to start with as I figure that’s probably the best thing for someone who normally doesn’t exercise. I tried to keep myself from getting bored by getting someone to go with me each night, and also by going to 3 different locations. I walked along The Lough (basically a man-made lake with lots of wildlife), along the banks of our city’s river, the River Lee, and also a nature walk out in Blarney. The weather was nice on 2 of the nights, but the third was wet and windy. I persevered however, yay me.

Here’s a few snaps I took on my phone last week:

The River Lee

Ducks on The Lough

I’m learning more about exercise, things like warming up and stretching, but I would love to hear any more advice from anyone!? I think I’ll start using a pedometer to check and see how many steps I take during my regular days and during my walks.


5 thoughts on “Fitness Week One

  1. Scenery is awesome! Would not mind running through there as my evening cardio. As far as advice, take a gander at my blog once. If there’s any information you would like to know I can help find resources for you. Keep up the good work!

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