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Fitness -V- Food

In this ever-present battle in our lives, there is always winner. In my case, that winner is food. If I see something I want to eat, I usually do, without much guilt. At the moment, chocolate and popcorn are my biggest enemies. But I also love butter and salt, basically everything that tastes good and is really bad for you! Eating late and the odd few take-aways (I blame my boyfriend here) don’t help much either.

Things like this are worth it though…

I was never really a sporty girl when I was a child and I’m still not to this day. My college fees included the use of the college gym and sports arenas, so in my first year I did go a bit, but not nearly enough to get any major benefits. I was always bored on the treadmill and would get quickly distracted and give up. Just laziness on my part really. I’ve never really had any big problems with my weight, apart from the few usual body hang-ups I think everyone has. But now I’ve decided to try get back into exercise. Yesterday I bought myself some proper work-out gear and a good pair of runners. I’ve decided to go walking/jogging/running at least twice a week. This seems manageable enough to me, although I haven’t started it yet…

I won’t go over-board at the start, just see how I get on and take it from there. Everything in moderation, isn’t that what they say? Six pack here I come! Ha, well not really, but you get the idea. Updates of my running attempts to follow.


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