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Friendship And Fashion

I normally never go out for a drink during the week. My nights out are always reserved for Saturday nights because of my 9-5 week day job, but I went out for a bit last night with one of my oldest friends. We’ve been friends since primary school, so that’s about 15 years! We’re both pretty busy in our lives now, so we don’t see each other all the time anymore, but that’s all part of growing up; things change. I think the best kind of friendship is one where you might not see each other for a while, but you know nothing is wrong and you’re still just as close as ever. We all know that people come and go out of your life, but it’s nice to know there will always be a few who are always there. Here we are on a night out a few months ago:

Now, enough with the mushy stuff. Here is how my night last night looked:

Strawberry daiquiris yummy

P.S. here is a few things I bought at the weekend:

This gorgeous clutch from River Island

Along with a few new pieces of jewelry from H&M and New Look


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