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A Work In Progress

Well we’re into another week, the last of May. Am I the only one who thinks the year is absolutely flying? Crazy! Anyway, my weekend wasn’t the best, I was home sick and in bed for a lot of it. I had planned on starting some batik last week but because of other commitments I didn’t have the time. Tonight though I finally got around to it.

It’s in the very early stages at the moment, as I told you in my “Let’s Get Creative” post, batik is a long process. But it feels great to be doing something I love again! It’s been approximately FOUR YEARS since I last did a batik in school, so don’t judge me if the first one, or five… aren’t amazing! I need to get my “studio” in better shape too, it’s pretty rough around the edges at the moment. I really need a proper desk and a good chair because my back is already killing me from only a few hours so far! This won’t do for the long-term…

Can you guess what it is? ;)


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