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My First Fashion Show

As you know, last night I was modeling in the fashion show in aid of Anaphylaxis Ireland. It took place in the Radisson Hotel in Little Island, a little way outside the city. I’ve never done any kind of modeling at all before so I was nervous. My nerves were then kicked up a notch when I learned that I was opening the show! I thought for sure everyone in the audience could see my nerves when I was walking, but to my surprise everyone I spoke to afterwards said I was great on stage and very relaxed! I guess that cocktail before I went on did the trick. Haha only joking!

Back stage wasn’t as hectic as I had imagined it would be either, everyone was pretty relaxed and laid back about the walking order etc. The makeup artists, and the hair stylist especially, did trojan work backstage, but the “style advisor”  who picked the outfits (sometimes forcing them on us as I said in my previous post “A Model Me“) and who was also the MC for the show, seemed to have a much easier job. We each had 6 outfits to model. One of mine was a floor length white dress. Being that I’m only about 5’5” it was a bit long on me, even with the sky-high heels. The combination of a long dress and very high heels didn’t do much to ease my fear of falling on stage. And it wasn’t helped when the style advisor asked me to take a heel off on stage so she could show the audience. That was one hell of a balancing act I did I can tell you! Regardless, I think I may have caught the modeling bug, I would love to be in another show if I ever got the chance.

Here I am opening the show in an outfit all from River Island

Another outfit all from River Island again

The beautiful floral dress from Zara

These were the printed pants, from Zara, that I was not very excited to wear…

The white lace dress from Zara

This beautiful dress from French Connection was my last outfit and got a very good reaction from the crowd.


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