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Marvelous Makeover

This morning I had an appointment with the hairdressers, Sobe Brown, who are doing the model’s hair for the fashion show tomorrow. I thought they would just be styling my hair for the show, but they said they were doing full make overs for all of us! The salon was gorgeous. It was my first time in there, as I normally go to a salon near my home. I’m  glad this was a complimentary visit for the charity fashion show because although the salon is lovely, it’s a tiny bit pricey. However, the girls in the salon were nice and friendly, constantly offering me tea and coffee. The girl looking after my makeover asked me what did I want done, and as I’m not that brave when it comes to my hair (I’ve had a few minor disasters in previous hairdressers, like one time when they made me COMPLETELY BLONDE) I just asked for what I normally get; a few warm golden highlights and a few copper ones.

Here I am looking oh so glamorous :P

In the end I was pretty pleased with how it turned out! And on another positive note too, the weather today has been absolutely GORGEOUS so I took a few photos of my hair-do outside in the sunshine.

Tomorrow night is the fashion show. It starts at 8pm but I have to be there at 4 for the glam squad – the hair and makeup people!


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