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A Model Me

So I have some interesting news; I am appearing in a fashion show on Friday! My aunt asked me to be a model in the show, which is in aid of Anaphylaxis Ireland, a charity she is very involved in. Here is some information about Anaphylaxis:
Anaphylaxis is the medical term for a severe allergic reaction which affects the whole body. This type of allergic reaction can be fatal and requires immediate emergency treatment. The most common causes of severe allergic reactions are food, medications and insect venom. The incidence of anaphylaxis has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. For more information you can visit their website

I am so excited to be in this show! Obviously it’s for a great cause, and it involves fashion! Be assured I do not kid myself, I am not a model, but for this one night I can pretend I am.

Today I met with the style advisor who is dressing the volunteering models. I was so looking forward to this, I had never met with a personal shopper or “professional stylist” before. However it wasn’t exactly what I had imagined. First of all, she was half an hour late, which I thought was unprofessional and rude, especially as I had to take time off work to meet her. I was also left a little disappointed that she didn’t spend any time asking me what I like or trying to find out about my personal style. I know it’s a models job to make any outfit look good, and it doesn’t matter if they actually like what they are dressed in, but as I said I am not a real model, I am a volunteer for a charity fashion show. Therefore I thought the style advisor would be a bit more friendly, but I guess she was just doing her job. Anyway, I tried on about 8 outfits of items she chose for me. Each model will be wearing 6 outfits so I won’t know until Friday which of the 8 made the final cut for me. Her taste was very different to mine, I actually cringed at a few things she made me put on. Don’t get me wrong, printed trousers are nice, just not on me.

Here is a few things I tried on and could possibly be wearing on the runway:

Leopard print jeans from River Island, and these aren’t even the worst printed trousers she chose for me…

Now you all know I love anything glittery so she let me have this gorgeous belt, also from River Island, in one outfit (I actually bought this after my meeting with her, I had to have it for myself!)

I really liked these high heels, because of the fab colour.

And I loved this dress from Zara, of course. You could pick (almost) ANYTHING in Zara and I’d be happy. I will keep you posted on the build up to the fashion show, I have a lot of other appointments this week in preparation for it. Exciting!


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