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On the Farm

{WARNING – If you are even the smallest bit lactose intolerant look away now, this post is full of cows}

It’s finally the weekend! I don’t know about you, but ironically this has been the longest week, even though it was actually a short one because of the bank holiday Monday! I didn’t get a chance to do much besides work but, last night I visited my boyfriends farm. He and his family are dairy farmers. The last couple of months have been really busy for them as it was calving time. They are almost all finished calving at this stage, but 3 Angus calves were born last week. I got to go into the pen with these ones, the older calves would be too nervous for me to do that, especially as I was a stranger to them. The older “heifer” cows also made a lot of noise when they first saw me because I was a newbie, haha! Who knows if they’re saying “hello”, or “get outta here you stranger!”. They definitely seem to know who’s who.

For my fellow “city people”, you might notice this is not a cow, this is the farm dog Rusty

These are cows! And they’re not small, they’re far away (ref. Father Ted & Dougal)

Suspicious cows…

Now for the calves

Feeding time

This girl with the eye patch was my favourite (rule number one in farming: don’t develop favourites)

2 of the youngest calves thought my pants was tasty


3 thoughts on “On the Farm

  1. i loved this blog the most. friendly calves d younger they are. how well u managed to get a picture of the cow sign even though its not ours and was just on the way home :P

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