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Life’s a Beach

It’s another bank holiday weekend here in Ireland, so today I travelled east to the lovely village of Youghal (pronounced like “y’all” for anyone who doesn’t know). There were patches of sunshine in between the cloud, but there was a cold breeze. I took a relaxing stroll along the strand and took a few snaps of the water, and a couple of cute dogs!

Although I don’t like swimming much (perhaps from a traumatic childhood memory of a teacher pushing me into the deep end of the pool on my very first lesson) I do love looking at the ocean. How nice would it be to live at the seaside with that view right outside your window? The Irish colour palate is completely different to other parts of the world. If you look at the photos you see all different colours, not the typical blue skies of hotter climates. Our beaches are never really golden, but are various takes on tans, browns and greys. The light intensity is different here too. What do you think?

“Me and my shadow”

How cute is this little guy?

Fields of rapeseed whizzing past the window. I love seeing fields full of different colours like this bright yellow.


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