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The Movies

So far this week has been uneventful, apart from a few very stressful work days. I did go to the cinema to see The Hunger Games though which was very good. I really enjoyed the movie and I’m excited to see what the second one will be like. Another trilogy to look forward to, yay. I must admit I was a bit obsessed with the Twilight saga when I was younger (I actually read all the books before the movies were ever made) but now I’ve out grown that thankfully. Of course I’ll still go see Breaking Dawn part 2 when it comes out, I just won’t be queuing up at the premier or anything!

My boyfriend and I went out to eat after work today, so I roped him into taking some photos of my outfit for you.

A cloudy (but rain-free) sky

The weather today was a bit better, it finally stopped raining and was actually a tiny bit warm!


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