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Rock And Roll

Last night I went to see a friends’ band play in a venue in town. As I’m pretty busy these days I don’t get to as many gigs and music events as I would like. But I’m so glad I made it to this one because it was brilliant. Because I’ve been following this band for a while now, I knew a good few of the songs they played last night but I was also pleased to hear other great ones that were new to me. I wish the guys the best of luck on their debut single release and their current tour. It’s great to see people who are working so hard doing well.

Now enough with the plugging, here’s what I wore, I was trying to go for rock chic with the sparkly top and dark skinny jeans.

Haha I was very enthusiastically showing off my leopard print clutch bag!

Top from Oasis, jeans from Zara, clutch from Aldo, shoes from New Look


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