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A Sparkling Diamond

Last night I watched a program on TV called Elizabeth Taylor: Auction of a Lifetime. The program told her life through her jewelry and showed parts of the auction of her collection in Christie’s New York in December 2011. The auction grossed over $135 million! She had probably one of the finest, and definitely the most famous, collections of jewelry in the world. If I had one criticism about the program however, it would be that they didn’t show enough of her jewelry. What they did show though, was simply amazing. My eyes were lit up like diamonds (if you’ll pardon the pun) while watching. Here are some of my favourite pieces from her collection:

Mike Todd Tiara

Elizabeth Taylor Diamond

 Mike Todd Earrings

Another gift from Mike Todd

Although it is incredibly hard to choose from the huge collection, I think this Bulgari Emerald necklace, given to Elizabeth by Richard Burton, is my favourite.

She was herself a sparkling diamond, a stunning beauty who didn’t need anything extra, but I guess it was all just icing on her fabulous cake. Wouldn’t you love to get gifts like these!!


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