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Dinner Date

Today was another good day, my mom took me for lunch after work to one of our favourite restaurants and then my boyfriend took me out to dinner! We used the voucher he gave me 2 weeks ago. I had only been to this restaurant once before and he had never been there so we were really looking forward to it. It didn’t disappoint. I had a starter of asian spiced chicken filled spring rolls, followed by roast chicken breast with tomato salsa, green beans and creamy mashed potatoes for main course (I can be a bit unadventurous with my menu choices sometimes I must admit) and a pear and almond cake with caramel ice-cream for dessert. The dessert was definitely the best part (isn’t it usually?) that ice-cream was so gorgeous! I would nearly go out and buy an ice-cream maker just so I can try to make it myself… now there’s an idea…

Anyway here’s what I wore:

Shoes from Zara, clutch from Aldo, blazer from Urban Outfitters, dress from H&M


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