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Let Us Eat Cake

So far my Sunday has been lovely and leisurely. My wonderful Mother surprised me with a trip to the Hayfield Manor Hotel in the city, for Afternoon Tea. For anyone who thinks afternoon tea is something only their granny would do, you are in for a treat. The setting was like something you read about in really great period novels. We had our tea in “the drawing-room”. We were joined by two residents of the hotel, Lizzy and Dezzy, two absolutely adorable fluffy birds in their gilded cage! They were unfortunately a little camera-shy and hid into their nest when I tried to take a photo of them. The place was so fancy and the presentation of everything was so cute that I just had to take some photos. Because it was a last-minute decision by mom though I didn’t have my camera with me, so the photos were taken on my phone (therefore not the best quality).

Berry smoothies and passion fruit mouse in chocolate cones I think, whatever they were they were yummy!

Me pouring the tea

(Top to bottom): Key lime pie, chocolate tubes filled with liquor cream, and custard and fruit pastries. Carrot cake, lemon drizzle with almond and fruit scones. Smoked salmon on brown bread, cucumber wraps, hard boiled egg filled baps and some meat (maybe beef) and mustard sandwiches. We spent about 2 hours relaxing in the wonderful surroundings and slowing making our way through all these treats! Oh how I wish I could have this every Sunday!


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