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Wishful Thinking

I was looking through my holiday photos from a few years ago and it really made me long for a break away. City breaks are more my style rather than beach holidays; I love exploring a new city and seeing all the wonderful sights. Paris is definitely somewhere I am dying to go, hopefully this year I’ll get there!

I wish summer would hurry up and that the weather gets a little bit warmer at home, just in case I don’t get away abroad. I can’t wait to be able to stroll outside in a pair of shorts and sandals and feel the heat of the sun (although that’s actually not very realistic in Ireland). I think I was definitely made for warmer climates!

This photo was taken last summer out in our garden, a bird’s eye view of one of our rare barbeques. This was probably one of the only nice days, on which everyone in Ireland gets the barbeque immediately! There’s nothing better than good food with friends and family. I can smell the burgers cooking now…. it’s making me hungry!


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